About WarrenHill.NetWarren Hill Music Lounge & Hair Extension Salon is new concept in hair styling and music entertainment. Rather than split the two concepts we decided to combine them together to form a place where you can have a drink relax and get your hair done. There are not many places that we can think of that have tried this format, so we thought it would be a risk but definitely worth a try.

There are many different salons that are available in the city that we are not necessarily trying to compete with. They have their own style and uses for existing. We are trying to come at it with a different angle and stand out on our own. We believe that the salon experience should be a fun one, not only for the client but also for the employees and anyone else who happens to be waiting or in the area.

With this being our first salon we hope that we can bring something memorable to the city of Edmonton and Beyond.

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