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Xiaomi NineBot Hands Free Segway vs PunkeeDuck & IO Hawk

Xiaomi Nine Bot Mini HandlessThere is a company located in Asia that is introducing a new type of hands free Segway device to the public in the next few months. We still aren’t too clear as to whether or not this company is directly affiliated with Segway itself, although we do know that it looks much better than the original and look forward to seeing it in action first hand.

The Ninebot mini has a very interesting way of maneuvering. Rather than using your feet or using handlebars you are meant to use your knees and your calves in order to point you in the right direction. You then begin to propel forward or backward with in the direction that you move your legs. To many, this is an interesting way of traveling, but to some it’s not as advanced as a hoverboard Segway.

What they mean is when you’re writing a self balancing scooter, you are able to do all kinds of twists turns etc. Now the night but in mini is also capable of these twists and turns but they don’t seem as easily performed when you’re using A hoverboard scooter. We believe that there is going to be a demographic that likes how the Ninebot mini works while there is also going to be a demographic that likes how the hands free Segway works.

Hoverboard ScooterIn our opinion the hands-free hoverboard scooter is probably going to be much more popular. Mostly because it’s already plastered everywhere on the internet and is already in most high schools and universities. Just the overall look, feel and maneuvering capabilities that are available seem to outshine any other handless scooter type of device that we’ve seen so far.

It will be very interesting to see what happens over the course of the next few months when the Ninebot mini has finally been released. It is supposed to be available in Asia and Europe at initial launch, although we’re not too sure if it will be available in the United States as of yet.

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