Hair Extensions Edmonton & Music Lounge Coming Soon

Relax, Close Your Eyes & UnwindWarren Hill is a fairly new development in Edmonton hair extension and music culture. While formerly being a tech studio this new lounge / salon environment is an excellent place for a change in women’s hair and salon servicing. With our new idea in the development, we are looking forward to making the waiting process a lot more fun and entertaining. Rather than sit down in a noisy salon, we are looking to create the ultimate lounge experience while also catering to styling women’s hair.

Imagine a place to get your hair done (or installed) that has a liquor license? Not only can you relax in the lounge area while waiting for your turn, but you can also send your friends or family members to have a drink while they wait for you to finish your appointment. However, it doesn’t stop there. What land would be complete without an entertainment system and or Center? With two 52 inch wide screen displays, you have the men’s area for sports and other entertainment, and women’s area for anything else.

Available Salon Services

Some of the hair extension Edmonton services that will be available at the YEG Warren Hill location includes hair styling, braiding, highlighting, bleaching, hair dying, hair extensions, lash extensions and more. Our Edmonton location will feature hair extensions more prominently in the beginning until we are able to get the other facets of the business in order and working smoothly. We have extension technicians readily available who can provide these services immediately and at a professional level.

Available Lounge Services

Lounge Chair Hair with TrumpetIn the lounge we plan to offer a few areas of choice. One of those areas and includes a bar that will feature many high-end brands of alcohol and liquor. There will also be a nice selection of imported beer to choose from.

One of our other areas will feature the two entertainment systems which are designated for men or women. There is no divide however one area will display content more driven towards one gender and each can decide as to which area they prefer to relax in.

Last but not least besides our extension bar, there is a dance floor where you can pretty much get down and boogie. Every month there is a plan to hire a dance instructor who can teach interested patrons how to perform specific dance moves if they choose.

If this sounds like something that interests you, keep checking back for more info and it develops on our page.